Jennifer McKenzie, Director, National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE).

Topic:  The Impact of RPL Policy and Practice for Guidance Practice and Policy in Education.

Jennifer situates the role of Guidance in relation to the 2008 Council Resolution on integrating Guidance into Lifelong Learning Strategies, thereby clarifying what guidance does and does not do in relation to RPL. Noting that arising from the DES led review of Guidance, within a national policy on Guidance clarity on the role of Guidance services and practice in relation to RPL would be essential. Building on the learning of the Network, TOBAR, VISKA and other initiatives, NCGE offered to host a conversation to inform national policy on the role and relationship of guidance and RPL. Finally Jennifer asks about provision of services for people who are not interested in programme participation but in RPL for other purposes.


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This video was very kindly filmed by the students of the NFQ Level 5 TV and Film Production programme offered by Galway City VTOS, Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board and produced by Ger Prendegast, an expert practitioner and teacher with GRETB.


Mary Osobe

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