Dr Justin Sinnott, SOLAS: The Impact of RPL Policy on Practice in Further Education and Training (FET)

Justin commends the inclusive nature of pedagogy in FET over decades, noting that in the recently signed individual Performance Agreements between SOLAS and ETBs, that each ETB has named RPL as a significant aspect of future planning. Within SOLAS thinking for the new FET Strategy 2020-24, three components- Skills Development, Lifelong Learning and Upskilling for the Workforce each are pertinent to RPL. Locating social inclusion and skills development each at particular levels of the NFQ, Justin contests that RPL is essential to both traineeships and apprenticeship alike.

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This video was very kindly filmed by the students of the NFQ Level 5 TV and Film Production programme offered by Galway City VTOS, Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board and produced by Ger Prendegast, an expert practitioner and teacher with GRETB.


Mary Osobe

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