1. Hi Deirdre
    I am involved with Dutch project in relation to the academic recognition of MOOC’s and SPOC’s programmes and the RPL context is perhaps a methodology to do this. Are you aware of any practices in this area here in Ireland?
    Best wishes Angela Lambkin

    1. Hi Angela
      I suppose similar to any non-formal training conducted in the workplace whether it is online or not there is academic recognition for those programmes if there are learning outcomes associated with it. We have had people who have done some MOOC’s seek recognition for those. The challenge invariably is that people don’t opt to do the assessment at the end so what has been learnt through the process is not evident. A MOOC or SPOC is rarely the sole form of evidence which is produced for RPL in our experience here in CIT. Essentially if seeking recognition for a MOOC or SPOC then the outcomes will have to be mapped to the learning or programme outcomes of something.
      I would think that they crop up every now and then but I am unsure as to the take up of MOOCs and SPOCs nationally ?!

      Best wishes Deirdre

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