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      Ronnie Harrison

      Following a very interesting and informative day at the RPL Practitioner Network in Tullamore yesterday (many thanks to the organisers and presenters), I’m left wondering about the implications of one element which arose and its ramifications for RPL in my own and other organisations.

      In clarifying whether HET credits/qualifications were subject to the same 5-year constraint as has recently been published regarding FET, the CAS and new QQI policies, it was stated that this was “across the board”, including for HE. From some of the feedback coming back from the room, there was a sense that this was also a surprise to others.

      Would anyone in the network be able to clarify where this is mentioned in the recent white papers or other policy documents?

      Regarding current practice at this and other colleges, a more flexible approach would often be taken to HE stages/credits/qualifications/awards. In some cases, core learning in a subject area would be considered as a valid part of RPL for 10 years or more, whereas certain areas which are more time sensitive (e.g. changes in social policy and legislation) may require learners to re-take modules previously taken, more than 5 years ago.

      How would such a policy also leave learners who were seeking to gain access to a Master’s programme, having taken a degree (and possibly with an entry requirement of having gained a 2.i) more than 5 years previously? Would they be required to re-take the degree programme for currency? Or someone completing a PhD over 7 years; are the first two years not valid?

      This is throwing up quite a few questions and I’d be very grateful for any clarification or insight from anyone in the network.
      Many thanks,

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      Roisin Sweeney

      Ronnie, I think your query refers to the question raised at the end of my presentation. As the context for the presentation was exemptions in FET, my response about 5 years being relevant was in the context of a learner seeking an exemption for a Common Award (CAS) component using a higher education award. I hope that helps clarify things.
      Regards, Roisin

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      Andrina Wafer

      Hi all,

      A few queries came in to QQI on this topic. I think its helpful to remember that this policy in FET (CAS) refers only to exemptions towards an award, and do not apply to criteria for entry, nor to RPL for entry.

      In addition, FET providers may evaluate learner experience and application of the relevant learning beyond the certification date of previously achieved awards in order to assure themselves of the currency of the required skill, knowledge or competence, and having done so through quality assured assessment processes, may ‘RPL’ the applicant towards the relevant minor award. Its about being confident in learners ability to do what the award requires on exit from the relevant programme, so that everyone can continue to have trust in the integrity of the award itself as a reflection of attainment.

      Thanks to everyone again for a great day- your engagement is invaluable to QQI.

      Best wishes

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