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      Mary Prior Butler

      Given the emphasis within Further and Higher Education on the development of transferable skills, it would be really valuable to have a tool that would help admission officers/Managers to map existing skills through the RPL system.

      1. Can I inquire if members (future members) of this network have developed tools to assist with this process?
      (a) If yes, what levels on the NFQ have these tools been developed for?
      (b) Are they available for sharing?

      Thank you


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      Deirdre Goggin

      Hi Mary

      Can I just clarify your question , are you asking if there are systems in place where it is known how one course is related to another so prior formal learning in one area will result in exemptions in another area especially in the transition phase between FE and HE and vice versa? There are agreements and some mapping done in this space as far as I am aware at levels 5 and 6 .Or are you asking if there is a system such as the NALA write on system that has set questions which determines what level of learning a person has in set areas at lower levels of the framework and if there are gaps in learning identified, certain learning tasks have to be undertaken to overcome that gap, so it is an RPL and learning development system in one. There are also a number of eportfolio systems which are being used by individual institutions which meet the individual institutional needs.

      If is it a portfolio template to structure applications to ensure consistency in application and process then I believe there are a number of those in existence including the Youthpass and Europass CV structure as well as individual institution and organisation examples.

      As you mentioned the measurement of transferable skills and RPL, my own experience is that these are only captured against the framework if there is a particular module such as communication which a learner is working towards. This is despite the focus on these transferable/ traversal skills within the workplace setting.

      I sure there are members of the network who have experience in this space.

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      Andrina Wafer

      Hi Mary
      This is really interesting and very timely! Some strong work is being done in Donegal ETB on just this theme and we hope to also involve Ireland in an Erasmus+ policy experiment looking at just this topic. I think also the next RPL Network meeting will involve discussion on these transferable skills and how to best capture them in an RPl / VNFIL process.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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