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      Maeve O’Grady

      I am trying to establish a rule of thumb for assessing the value of non-cognate awards when applicants are looking for advanced entry onto Level 7 and Level 8 courses. While the principles of Access, Transfer and Progression underpin the Qualifications Framework, it is difficult when an applicant presents with, say, a Level 7 BA (Ordinary) degree and expects to be able to go onto our Level 8 Honours degree, without any matching cognate area. (Our Level 9 programmes are designed to suit applicants presenting with a non-cognate area Level award.) We are taking a very conservative approach here in the School of Education, so I would love to hear if fellow practitioners have tackled this issue.

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      Andrina Wafer

      That is a tricky one, isn’t it- further complicated by the Teaching Council requirements in the education field. Has it been discussed at the teacher training providers networks? These are exactly the kinds of issues we need to address in thinking about credit policies nationally. Its interesting that I can do a Level 9 Masters level qualification in a new cognate on the basis of my Level 8, or a level 10 similarly; how much of this issue is about Level 7 in particular, do you think?


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      Deirdre Goggin

      Hi Maeve,

      We find the same and approach it in a very similar way to yourself. It is a challenge as learners do meander through different discipline areas as they go through life often determined by workplace needs or promotional opportunities. The challenge to disentangle the learners ability to succeed at a given level on the framework, to the theoretical underpinnings of a discipline area is a question we consider often. It also appears to be a challenge at the undergraduate rather than at the postgraduate level where it isn’t expected that one would have a direct cognate match to the postgraduate area of study.
      We haven’t cracked that nut yet and look forward to seeing if anyone has trialled any solutions.


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