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      Maeve O’Grady

      As promised at yesterday’s meeting in Limerick, I am attaching a two-page summary of the Four Villages idea. On going over the notes, I recognised I am in Village One, but also have an interest in Villages Two and Three, the formal and non-formal applications. I look forward to your comments on the idea.

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      Andrina Wafer

      Hi Maeve, thanks for your diligence in posting this- I find it very interesting. I am locating some of the case studies within the model, and indeed some of the unfolding work that we are aware of here ( which if course is only a small scale insight). It strikes me that this would be a good discussion topic for perhaps another Network meeting…
      Best wishes,

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      Deirdre Goggin


      Thanks for uploading the ‘four villages’ which gives great food for thought. I am trying to decide what village I am predominantly in and which excites me the most 🙂


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      Angela Higgins

      Thanks for posting this Maeve. I think this platform and the network meetings provide a very good opportunity for learning some of the theory behind RPL/VNFIL, and gives an opportunity for more informed dialogue. You have also clarified my own long-held confusion about why people refer to work-based learning as ‘experiential learning’ through this simple posting.

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      Michael Hennessy

      I like the descriptions outlined here and I can see how the villages reflect the views that exist regarding RPL. I am in village 2. I would like to explore this further. Thanks Maeve.

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      Cornelia Connolly

      This is very interesting – thanks for sharing Maeve!

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      Carmel Finlay

      Hi Maeve,

      That is a really useful reference- it helps to be able to categorise RPL into 4 distinctive categories- aka villages- and acknowledging that the 4 villages have a common thread that the person involved has changed as a result of their experiences- very thought provoking.

      It is easy to forget about the real person/student involved in the RPL process when compiling the paper work/ portfolio.


Viewing 6 reply threads
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