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      Angela Higgins

      I have been reviewing some of the documents here, and a couple of questions are coming to mind. Is there a list of organisations across the sectors that currently actively use RPL/VNFIL? We know about the organisations involved in the network, but it would be useful to know. Would learners self-select an organisation based on the possibility of accessing RPL/VNFIL?
      A group from one of the early network meetings suggested a directory. Is there an exisitng list compiled in the development of the network which lists these organisations?

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      Andrina Wafer

      Hi Angela- Qualifax has a list of institutions offering a service. http://www.qualifax.ie/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=161&Itemid=3 Its not comprehensive though….The QQI page advises learners to go to the local Guidance service: https://www.ncge.ie/ncge/aegi-contact-details
      Hope that helps?
      kind regards

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