About Forums RPL Network Does the existence of RPL change delivery practices in institutions? Reply To: Does the existence of RPL change delivery practices in institutions?


Leo Casey

Hi Angela, Andrina, I agree this is a great question and it opens all sorts of issues. Essentially, as I see it, RPEL works best when it provides the student with an insight on what they have accomplished in life and how it compares with learning outcomes from structured programmes. Many programmes have pre-entry requirements stated in terms of academic level (e.g. a Level 5 award) and are silent on the life experience side. Even where we indicate RPEL pathways they are perceived as an alternative to the ‘real thing’. Personally, I think we get this the wrong way round. I would like to be able to say something like ‘this course is for those with four years experience and a qualification is an acceptable alternative’.
With respect to delivery, there should be an impact. When we teach RPEL entrants we have an addition resource (their life experiences) that can be harnessed in the classroom. I have found that with good teaching, this benefits everyone in class.
On the question of replication, I agree with Andrina, there is always something new to learn even where we consider ourselves experienced. One of the best examples of this is when an experienced student intervenes with a comment like ‘yes but that’s not the way it works in the real world…’. That’s a big teaching moment that can be embraced. As I see it the questioner is learning too and hopefully would not feel disenfranchised. Great topic I’m sure there’s more in this…