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Andrina Wafer

That’s a really interesting question Angela- and I’m just thinking about whether the existence of a service impacts on delivery practices. It would be a good one to ask in the context of the TOBAR project. I think the emerging RPL service must change provision and it would be great if within a service someone was to log their perception of that, and to undertake to reflect on that. Could the question be asked within that community of practice? Or now that it has kicked off should we let the project ‘breathe’ a little and then e.g. in July ask about the identification of 2 or 3 questions that we might look at qualitatively in evaluation terms when we all come together again in late Autumn?

For myself in ‘forced revision’ contexts I cant say that I didn’t learn something new, or see things differently- but was it worth it? Financially, time wise, all the hidden costs? This is also a question for RPL practice- what is the tipping point, and who makes the decision? Who has agency and power, and what is the impact on ‘transfer’? For me, this is important in the context of thinking about policy on transfer. We ask a lot lately about the transferability of common minor awards because the context of learning does impact. So when do you lose by not participating in all parts of a course, and how much non-participation is too much- really?

Great questions…