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Andrina Wafer

Hi all,

A few queries came in to QQI on this topic. I think its helpful to remember that this policy in FET (CAS) refers only to exemptions towards an award, and do not apply to criteria for entry, nor to RPL for entry.

In addition, FET providers may evaluate learner experience and application of the relevant learning beyond the certification date of previously achieved awards in order to assure themselves of the currency of the required skill, knowledge or competence, and having done so through quality assured assessment processes, may ‘RPL’ the applicant towards the relevant minor award. Its about being confident in learners ability to do what the award requires on exit from the relevant programme, so that everyone can continue to have trust in the integrity of the award itself as a reflection of attainment.

Thanks to everyone again for a great day- your engagement is invaluable to QQI.

Best wishes