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    Deirdre Goggin

    This discussion thread will relate to general discussions and outputs of the VISKA project. As the project evolves the members of the NAG and project partners will use this post to keep you informed and would welcome your input. Deirdre

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    Andrina Wafer

    Hi everyone! For those of you who don’t remember or who were not at the Network meeting in Kilashee in May, VISKA is an ERASMUS+ funded policy experiment providing RPL for people with low levels of qualifications and addressing transversal skills through skills audits, led by Skills Norway, in partnership with Iceland, Belgium and Ireland.

    Irish lead partners are ETBI in collaboration with ten ETBs, and QQI. ETBI hosted the first meeting of the project leaders at ETB level this week and already the discussions around the key elements of the project are very interesting. What is the best way to approach a skills audit? How should we manage the quality assurance for RPL in a VET context? Who should be the target group for this national policy experiment? Who can we best serve- and what infrastructure should we put around it? What transversal skills do we focus on? Are the ones we prize the same as the ones our clients might value most?

    The National Advisory Group will meet for the first time at the beginning of July to support the project and also to promote synergies with this work and work in other fields. We will use the discussion board here to post updates and questions, looking for broader insights and experiences to help us steer a wise path and benefit from everyone’s learning…it’s a three year project, so plenty of time to get involved!

    Best wishes

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      Angela Higgins

      It’s brilliant to have this platform to promote discussions. Three years will go by in the blink of an eye, so participate early and often!

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      Michael Hennessy

      Will circulate details to all ETB leads on the projest

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    Andrina Wafer

    Thanks Pat- here is a question I mssed out on listing- what do we think at this stage, before we really begin working systematically on all these ideas of ours- Is it more valuable to invest in recognising prior learning for those with whom we engage, who have low levels of qualifications, or to encourage them to participate in programmes that we think they are ready for, with a little stretch up?

    And a little reading for the weekend, in case you didnt spot it!
    Following consultation, which included inputs from some VISKA ETBs, QQI made a submission on Transversal Skills to the EU Key Competencies Framework consultation. Read all about it at the lik below:


    Enjoy the weekend!


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    Andrina Wafer

    Hi all, please see also CAPLA conference for autumn in Toronto: http://capla.ca/2017_conference/pages/e/

    ‘Recognising learning 2017, Skills Assessment and Advising for Adults in Career Transition’ – very relevant for our work, I think…

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